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“Wakinyan Akicita”

Honoring Sam DeCory, Mrs. Little’s 5th Grade Class, ©2001

“Flora Lee”

Honoring Flora Lee, Mrs. West’s 4th Grade Class, ©2002

“The Best Gift” (with songwriting assistance provided by Sheryl Simpson)

Honoring Merlyn & Shirley Aman, Mrs. Little’s 5th Grade Class, ©2002

“Shoes, Cars and Happy Days”

Honoring Ed Furios, Mrs. Merchen’s 4th Grade Class, ©2007

“Mr. Frawley Listens Well”

Honoring Hank Frawley, Mrs. Merchen’s/Miss Sparks 4th Grade Class © 2010

“Don’t Quit!”

Honoring Bob Moye, Mrs. Damuth’s 4th Grade Class, ©2011

"Work to Change What You Are Able to Change"

Honoring Beverly Buchholz, Mrs. Kellogg's 5th Grade Class, ©2012

"Larry Bell!"

Honoring Larry Bell, Mrs. Christensen's 4th Grade Class, ©2012

"Clean Mind and Body"

Honoring Will Garnier, Mr. Tewahade's, Mrs. Willmus' & Mrs. Mason's Students, ©2013

"It Don't Mean a Thing"

Honoring Lois Putnam, Mrs. Carson's, Miss Kelly's & Mrs. Mason's 3rd-6th Grade Students, ©2013